uvicbunnies.org site undergoing rebuild

The uvicbunnies.org site is undergoing a rebuild!

New features include an canned/prefabricated form letter to a bunch of UVic people, including the Board of Governors, David Turpin (the president), Gayle Gorill (VP of Finance) and Valerie Kuehne (VP of External Relations).

Those same people are now in the mailto: links on the What You Can Do page, too. Not only useful, but more fun than a barrel of barrels!

Since I am talking about UVic and the uvicbunnies site, here's the UVic Finance and Operations Org Chart to help explain why we don't even bother having people email minions like Tom Smith anymore :D

There's a more netbook-compatible version of the site being built, so keep an eye out for that. I hope it will make viewing the pages on a smallish screen less of a PITA.

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