3 rescued

Three little bunnies got rescued tonight, that would otherwise be heading towards a very grim future. They are now hanging out in a cage stuffing their little faces with alfalfa, carrot slivers and little pieces of apple, while they wait to head to their permanent home. Thanks to everyone that made this possible!

We need to remember the little victories, to help us see the way when things start looking a tad shitty. Like the way things started looking this week when that "red pickup truck" started to appear.

On that note: does anyone else remember references to red pickup trucks being used by death squads in some latin american country? Guatemala maybe? That sticks out as something I read about, a *long* time ago, but it came bubbling back to the surface this week after seeing that truck. UVic now has a bunny-death-squad.

Nevertheless -- I am going to focus on the little victories and urge all (any?) of you reading this to do the same. Illegitimi non carborundum might be a fitting motto for us all - since we can't afford to let the bastards wear us down :)

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  1. Hi
    We rescued four more baby bunnies by the University Centre bushes this past Sunday. The our adjusting well to their new home and are loved by the children (very gently, of course).

    We can only keep two of them but we are sending the other two to a loving home as well. It's the little bit that we can do to help out and we get the benefit of bunny love.

    Saanich resident