As some of you might have heard from Roslyn, there have been snares found on campus. I heard about her find through the grapevine and I don't know details of where they found theirs, exactly. This one was found near the back of the stadium, getting near to McKenzie and within sight of the Chevron station.

We found one during a walk-around yesterday, and I thought it would be worthwhile posting a picture, that was taken before the snare was removed for disposal:

snare1, originally uploaded by Spencer.Lebowski.
If anybody sees a snare such as this, please contact the SPCA. If anyone sees someone placing snares such as these on UVic's campus, please contact the police. Hunting or trapping without a license is a chargeable offense, and this would probably fall under the umbrella of poaching. Furthermore; since UVic is private land, and since I doubt the dumb redneck that planted this got permission first, this is again not legal.

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