baby bunny found dead by poison box

Today got a bit busy, what with the rebuild of the uvicbunnies.org site, and all. No poison write-up, yet, or pics of the bunnies in the construction areas. I did get pics of that baby bunny found by the poison box, so I thought I should address that briefly:

The poison boxes are not a "smoking gun". If someone was intentionally giving feed laced with bromadiolone to the rabbits, that would be an entirely different thing. The stuff is toxic, but it is also what is approved for its intended purpose (killing Norway rats) and also for how it's deployed at UVic to that end. I hope to get into this a lot more thoroughly tomorrow, but the bottom line is that it might be killing some wildlife, but the numbers are not statistically significant given what would be the impact of not killing the rats on campus. Since rats have been observed attacking rabbits on campus, including baby rabbits, this isn't a point that should be dismissed, IMHO.

Apparently UVic has a lot of rats.

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