The Mount Tolmie Community Association

How about that Mount Tolmie Community Association, of which Patty Mack is President? It seems that they make a whole lot of noise (directed at UVic) about feral rabbits. Hmmm... and apparently Patty likes to be called about MTCA concerns at (250) 721-2497, at least according to their website. Maybe she needs more calls from persons concerned about the well being of rabbits at UVic.

This might explain the apparent anti-bunny bias that a lot of the A-Channel reports seem to have, what with Patty's husband being Hudson Mack. I think that tomorrow I should post some of the more entertaining excerpts from the MTCA letters to UVic, just in case there's any question of where they stand ;)

PS I wonder if Hudson ever answers the phone ...LOL!

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