I had a little bit of time at lunch today to do some digging into the poison that's used in the poison boxes. Nasty stuff called bromadiolone. If you're bored and have access to journals through a university library account, do some digging...

I found (in a short search) 15 papers on the stuff and it's effects on wildlife as an unintended side effect of its use on mice and rats, primarily Norway rats. These were all in refereed journals, btw, and I should be able to put excerpts and citations up tomorrow. Today was just too nuts :(

I've put up an excerpt from an report that LGL Ltd. did for UVic back in 2008; have a look in the pages. This came from the results of an FOI request, and was kindly donated to our efforts. There's more where that came from, too, it's just a question of time to get it typed up...

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