two saved


Today two little bunnies got rescued from UVic. We had two photographers around for part of the day, too, taking pictures of the rabbit goings-on. I hope we'll have some snaps to post soon. How's that for subtle? Heh.

There's a lot of construction mess due to the KIP seismic upgrades, and naturally some rabbits have been building nests among the construction debris. We're now seeing the litters come out and have their first looks at the world. On the plus side, their world includes kind people who give them carrot, lettuce and banana bits. On the negative side, a construction site isn't exactly a safe place for little creatures.

The two dead ones we found were not killed in the construction area, to the best of my knowledge, as they were both by the residences. One was a baby by one of the moderately infamous UVic poison boxes that have been talked about on the interwebs. The other was an adult just lying near a dumpster by one of the residence buildings, though I can't remember which.

Anyway; the two we rescued are off to a happier home on the mainland :)

Thanks to all that helped!
(you know who you are)

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