sensationalist poster seen in Vancouver

IMG_3899, originally uploaded by Spencer.Lebowski.

This is, based on what some people were saying at the flyer event today, the kind of thing that turns people off. It seems to be hurting the campaign to save the UVic rabbits at least as much as it helps it.

While there is nothing in the text that is false, it is the presentation and the content of the image that are staged for maximum shock value. Some of us are already jaded through years of exposure to images in the animal rights movement, so this image is amateurish at best. This begs the question of who the intended audience is.

If the author of this "document" is trying to reach Jane/Joe Citizen they seem to be merely succeeding at annoying said citizens. If they are trying to reach those already versed in animal rights they are coming across poorly. Can we please try and be more professional in what we're doing to help the UVic rabbits?

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  1. Thank you for saying what some of us have wanted to say for some time now about the overreaction to the rabbit cull at UVic. Surely there are more rational and adult ways to oppose it!